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Vapour Booster Diffusion Pumps

Vapour Booster Diffusion Pumps

Apiezon AP201 and Vapour Booster Diffusion Pumps

Apiezon AP201 is the leading brand of vapour booster pump fluid and should not be confused with lower quality '201' copies. AP201 is superior to other fluids because it delivers faster pump down-times, longer service life, easier maintenance and reduced top ups. It has been widely acknowledged that AP201 is the most reliable and cost effective product on the market.

In order to give the fast pump down-times required on industrial systems, booster pumps must achieve a high pumping speed. AP201 has been specially formulated to achieve these speeds. It also has a high critical backing pressure that allows the pump to be switched on sooner, thus minimising pump down-time.

Apiezon AP201 also possesses properties that are matched specially to the vapour booster pump allowing it to achieve the optimum boiler temperature and maximise heater life.

Unlike other lower quality oils, AP201 is specially formulated to be highly resistant to oxidation. This prevents an increase in viscosity and build-up of tarry deposits on the booster pump vanes and jets. Consequently, the life of the oil is extended and the time needed to drain and clean the system during maintenance is reduced.

Further testimony to its exceptional quality is the fact that vapour booster pump manufacturers specify Apiezon AP201 and their warranties can be invalidated by the use of any other fluid.

Benefits of Using Apiezon AP201 Vapour Booster Pump Fluid

  • Excellent oxygen stability
  • Minimal tarry deposits 
  • Easier and faster cleaning and servicing
  • Longer service life of the oil 
  • Reduced tops ups and backstreaming
  • Superior and quicker ultimate vacuum   
  • High purity & very low vapour pressure

For further information on the properties of Apiezon AP201 vapour booster pump fluid, we provide extensive online technical information and our team of experts are available to answer your questions via our Technical Helpline +44 (0)161 864 5409 or contact us.

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