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Applications of Apiezon Vacuum Lubricants and Sealants

Apiezon vacuum lubricants, greases and sealants are used widely within both industry and scientific research. Although our vacuum greases are internationally renowned for their use as an o-ring sealant in high and ultra high vacuum conditions, Apiezon vacuum lubricants and vacuum sealants are also suited to a large variety of applications across a wide temperature range:


Apiezon N grease is one of today's most widely used vacuum sealants within the field of cryogenics. N grease is specially formulated to be craze-free at low temperatures whilst being able to withstand frequent cycling between temperatures of -273°C and + 30°C. Read More

Laboratory Applications

Synonymous with quality, Apiezon greases and Q Compound are commonly used in scientific instruments and general equipment in laboratories around the world. These applications require high levels of precision and it is vital to choose a compatible product that does not give rise to contamination. Read more

O-Rings and Seals

For many years Apiezon vacuum greases have been extensively used as o-ring sealants and for other sealing applications because of their excellent properties. These greases are available in different grades and are suitable for use in diverse applications. Read more

Vapour Booster Diffusion Pumps

Apiezon AP201 is the leading brand of vapour booster pump fluid, it is so widely used that it has become the standard for this type of application. Buyers should be careful not to confuse Apiezon AP201 with "201" copies that do not have the same performance characteristics. AP201 is superior to other fluids because it delivers faster pump down-times, longer service life, easier maintenance and reduced top ups. Read more

Etch Resist

Apiezon Wax W or "Black Wax” is the most versatile of the waxes in the Apiezon range. It is widely used as an etch resist used in the manufacture of PCB’s and components in the electronics industry. Read more

Mounting Media

Apiezon waxes are known around the globe for their quality, consistency and versatility. The range features three types of wax which are all excellent mounting media, used extensively as both temporary and permanent adhesive for the mounting of silicon chips. Read more

Non Vacuum Applications

Apiezon products have a long and distinguished record as Vacuum Sealants, Lubricants, Etch Resist and Thermal Contact media. However, their unique properties have also lent themselves to more unusual non-Vacuum uses over the years. Read more

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