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AP201 the original and best!

AP201 the original and best!

These days with the proliferation of turbo pump technology it is easy to forget that vapour booster pumps are a well proven and rugged technology for extremely high gas throughput applications. This technology, which has been in use for over 40 years, was developed to provide high pumping speeds at pressures intermediate between mechanical boosters and diffusion pumps. The fact that the vapour booster pump has no rotating parts makes it very well suited to pumping contaminated systems and these pumps also handle high hydrogen loads very well. For these reasons it has been utilised in diverse areas such as vacuum metallurgy and large scale research. 

An example of large scale research use is in low pressure wind tunnels, handy when you’re a rocket scientist who wants to test new exciting bits of kit. Apparently the Oxford University low pressure wind tunnel was used to model the separation of the HyperX scramjet vehicle from a Pegasus booster at Mach 7-10.

In order for the vapour booster pump to work effectively and give long service intervals it needs a suitable oil, with a narrow boiling range and long life. Apiezon AP201 was developed specifically with vapour booster pumps in mind and continues to be the fluid recommended by the pump manufacturers. Other imitators have come on the scene over the years, but AP201 is still the original and best fluid for the job. Apiezon AP201 is only manufactured here at our plant in Manchester, UK and if it doesn’t say AP201 on the tin, it isn’t AP201 in the tin!

Please follow the link to learn more about Apiezon AP201 and it's benefits. 

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