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Waxes & Q Compound

Waxes & Q Compound

Apiezon Waxes and Q Compound are known around the globe for their quality, consistency and versatility. Apiezon etch-resist waxes and temporary vacuum sealants are manufactured by a team of specialists at M&I Materials Limited, and supplied to customers via an international network of distributors.

Apiezon Waxes

The Apiezon range of waxes features three products including the popular Apiezon Wax W, also known as ‘Black Wax’. All three waxes in the Apiezon range can be used as permanent or semi permanent vacuum sealants or mounting media. Apiezon Wax W is also a perfect etch resist.

Apiezon Q Compound

Apiezon Q Compound is an effective temporary vacuum sealant that is used as a short term solution in situations which do not allow for the immediate dismantling of a system for repair.

Why Use Apiezon Waxes?

  • Versatile products suitable for a multitude of uses
  • Etch resist (Wax W only)
  • First-rate vapour pressure characteristics
  • High purity combined with powerful ‘gettering’ & clean meltdown properties
  • Excellent waterproof media
  • Easy to use and to remove
  • 10 year shelf life

Why Use Apiezon Q Compound?

  • Temporary vacuum sealant
  • Versatile product suitable for a multitude of uses
  • Excellent waterproof medium
  • Easy to use and to remove
  • 10 year shelf life

Apiezon waxes and Q Compound can be purchased from our distributors and now small quantities of Apiezon Wax W sticks and Q compound can be purchased directly from our online shop (UK and Europe only). Visit APIEZON SHOP by clicking here or click the relevant shopping basket in the table below.

Apiezon Waxes and Q Compound
Apiezon Wax W Hard Vacuum Sealing/ Mounting Wax, Etch Resist  Buy Apiezon Wax W Sticks Online from APIEZON SHOP
Apiezon Wax W100 Medium Hardness Vacuum Sealant/ Mounting Wax  
Apiezon Wax W40 Soft Vacuum Sealant/ Mounting Wax  
Apiezon Q Compound Vacuum Sealing Compound  Buy Apiezon Q Compound Online from APIEZON SHOP

Please click the link for typical properties of Apiezon Waxes and Q Compound.

To help you select the right wax or Q compound we provide extensive online technical information and our team of experts are available to answer your questions via our Technical Helpline +44 (0)161 864 5409 or contact us.

For further information about the properties of Apiezon Waxes and Q Compound click here.

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