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Apiezon PFPE 501 High Vacuum Grease

Apiezon PFPE 501 High Vacuum Grease

Apiezon PFPE 501 is a chemically inert, high temperature and extreme pressure lubricant. With an upper operating temperature of 250°C and vapour pressure of 1.3 x 10-12 at 25°C, it is robust, versatile and can be used for sealing and lubricating under the most extreme operating conditions. This includes environments where aggressive chemicals and strong oxidising agents are regularly used.

Apiezon PFPE 501 has proven to be an excellent sealant and lubricant in short path distillation, coating and semiconductor industries.

Apiezon PFPE 501 is also certified H1 food grade by NSF international, who are the global independent body that certify food service equipment and supplies for use to the industry. Having the H1 classification confirms that Apiezon PFPE 501 can be used safely in the food production chain where incidental food contact may occur. To achieve this level of accreditation with NSF, the content in the final product must not exceed 10ppm (parts per million). Find out more here.

As most Apiezon users are more familiar with hydrocarbon chemistry we’d like to provide some background on what PFPE is, and how its molecular structure can explain its physical properties. This information can be found in What is PFPE?

Why Use Apiezon PFPE 501 Grease?

  • PFPE based
  • High temperature lubricant
  • Used in oxygen rich environments
  • Ultra high vacuum
  • Chemically inert
  • Extreme pressure
  • Wide temperature range

Benefits of Apiezon PFPE 501 Grease?

  • Extended equipment life
  • NSF H1 food grade certified
  • High temperature lubricant
  • Reduced equipment downtime
  • Lower service costs
  • Life-time lubrication
  • 10 year shelf life
  • Guaranteed Apiezon quality
  • Expert technical support

Apiezon PFPE 501 is stocked and can be readily purchased from our distributors. Alternatively if you are based in the UK, EU or EFTA Zone Countries visit APIEZON SHOP or click the shopping basket in the table below to buy small quantities directly from us.

Apiezon PFPE Vacuum Grease
Apiezon PFPE 501  High Temperature Sealing/ Lubricating Vacuum Grease, Inert - Ideal for Short Path Distillation  Buy Apiezon High Vacuum Greases Online from APIEZON SHOP

For typical properties and the vapour pressure graph for Apiezon PFPE 501 please follow the links.

To find out more about Apiezon PFPE 501 high temperature lubricating vacuum grease or other products in the Apiezon range, our team of experts are available via our helpline: Apiezon Technical Helpline +44 (0)161 864 5409. Alternatively, please contact us and we will be in touch shortly.

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