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Newly updated Apiezon Safety Data Sheets

Newly updated Apiezon Safety Data Sheets


All the Apiezon products have just had their safety data sheets reviewed in line with the REACH regulations and are available to download from

None of the Apiezon products carry any hazard warnings or contain any hazardous ingredients, so legally speaking we are not obliged to provide Safety Data Sheets. However, we are regularly asked for Safety Data sheets and we provide them as a service to you, even though they are non hazardous products.

Rest assured safety data sheets are there to inform anyone using a product of any potential risks in all eventualities. Even the most extreme uses like large quantities at high temperatures have to be covered and this is usually where the more stringent recommendations arise. Most uses are however small quantities at ambient temperature and you should consider this when evaluating the safety data sheet recommendations as they apply to your use. If you want any specific advice on your application please talk to our applications engineers. Tel +44 (0)161 864 5409 or email [email protected] 

Most Apiezon end users buy Apiezon from the various distributors around the world and subsequently M&I Materials do not always know their identity or which particular product they use. As such it is not possible to distribute SDSs to every Apiezon end user. M&I Materials do however always ensure that up-to-date versions of all the Safety Data Sheets are available to download from various pages on the Apiezon website and specifically from the document library

Apiezon Safety Data Sheets are only available to download in English from the Apiezon website; however you should require any other language these can be provided on request.

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