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Specialist Materials for Industry and Science

A Summer with Apiezon

A Summer with Apiezon


M&I Materials Ltd often employ university students during their summer vacations. In the summer of 2011 we had a student from the University of Manchester and here is an account written by Ben of his time with M&I.

My name is Ben Ball, I am an undergraduate student at the University of Manchester and for the summer of 2011 I worked for M&I Materials undertaking a project to research the applications for Apiezon. My work involved looking into technical queries sent to Apiezon’s technical team over the last 10 years, and finding gaps in the market or areas for improvement for the Apiezon products. Starting out with only a basic knowledge of the Apiezon products I was amazed to see the range of uses customers have found for the products over the years. Uses for the Apiezon greases have ranged from cars and engines to satellites and spacecraft, computers and semiconductors as well as in many research institutes around the world. Thanks to the technical abilities of Apiezons greases they are able to take on a huge array of tasks. .  The feedback from Apiezon’s customers has been instrumental in helping further development of the greases. 

Additional note: Many thanks to Ben for providing his thoughts on the work he undertook for us last summer.  We were really impressed with the work that Ben did, and it has certainly helped to give us a better understanding of our customer’s requirements and how you use Apiezon.

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