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Specialist Materials for Industry and Science




  1.  Comparing Hydrocarbon and Silicone Greases
  2.  Specialised Hydrocarbon-based Grease for Cryogenic Applications 
  3.  APIEZON Product Range
  4.  APIEZON AP100 Ultra High Vacuum Lubricating Grease
  5.  APIEZON AP101 Anti Seize Vacuum Grease
  6.  APIEZON H High Temperature Vacuum Grease
  7.  APIEZON L, M & N Ultra High & High Vacuum Greases
  8.  APIEZON N Cryogenic High Vacuum Grease - Specific Cryogenic Information
  9.  APIEZON N Grease Cryogenic Thermal Conductance
  10.  APIEZON T Medium Temperature Vacuum Grease
  11.  APIEZON PFPE 501 High Temperature Lubricating Grease
  12.  APIEZON AP201 Vapour Booster Pump Fluid 
  13.  APIEZON Q Vacuum Sealing Compound
  14.  APIEZON Wax W, W40 & W100 Vacuum Sealing and Mounting Waxes
  15.  FAQ

Safety Data Sheet

  1.  APIEZON AP100 Grease Safety Data Sheet
  2.  APIEZON AP101 Grease Safety Data Sheet
  3.  APIEZON H Grease Safety Data Sheet
  4.  APIEZON L Grease Safety Data Sheet
  5.  APIEZON M Grease Safety Data Sheet
  6.  APIEZON N Grease Safety Data Sheet
  7.  APIEZON T Grease Safety Data Sheet
  8.  APIEZON PFPE 501 Grease Safety Data Sheet
  9.  APIEZON AP201 Oil Safety Data Sheet
  10.  APIEZON J Oil Safety Data Sheet
  11.  APIEZON K Oil Safety Data Sheet
  12.  APIEZON Q Compound Safety Data Sheet
  13.  APIEZON Wax W Safety Data Sheet
  14.  APIEZON Wax W40 Safety Data Sheet
  15.  APIEZON Wax W100 Safety Data Sheet


  1.  Asia & India
  2.  Australasia
  3.  Eastern Europe
  4.  Europe
  5.  North & South America
  6.  Scandinavia
  7.  UK & Ireland

Recommended Retail Price Lists

  1. APIEZON Recommended Retail Price in Pounds Sterling
  2. APIEZON Recommended Retail Price in Euros
  3. APIEZON Recommended Retail Price in US Dollars

M&I Materials Literature

  1.  M&I Materials Corporate Brochure
  2.  M&I Materials History Booklet 

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