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Non-Vacuum applications

Non-Vacuum applications

Apiezon products have a long and distinguished record as Vacuum Sealants, Lubricants, Etch Resist and Thermal Contact media. However, their unique properties have also lent themselves to more unusual non-Vacuum uses over the years, and it might be interesting to share a few of these with you.

Apiezon greases are excellent lubricants. Vacuum is our original area of expertise, but our innovative customers have seized upon these lubricating properties. For instance, AP101 is used to lubricate the joints of Pantographs on electric trains – not under vacuum, but a robust long lasting lubricant is a must.

Apiezon Q Compound is our well known and proven temporary vacuum sealant. However, one of our enterprising customers has found an interesting alternative use: to help weatherproof one of the UK’s leading tourist attractions: the Camera Obscura in Edinburgh. The Q Compound helps protect the sensitive equipment from wind and rain, not always an easy task in the UK!

Apiezon L Grease is effective as a sealant and lubricant into the Ultra High Vacuum range. Not so well known is the fact that L Grease is also recommended to form an airtight seal between a Pyrex bottle and its Stopper after the collection of sea-water samples, used to measure Carbon Dioxide levels in the world’s oceans.

Finally, for all you cycling enthusiasts out there, one customer swears by AP101 as a lubricant on his bike for amongst other things, headsets, bottom brackets and Derailleurs. If anyone would like to know specifics, please Contact Us.

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